We know that gymnastics has many significant advantages; one of the most valuable is the increased understanding of fundamental movement skills. Not only are these skills essential for healthy growth and development, they are an essential element in building solid foundations in a child’s life.

Gymnastics teaches balance, coordination, strength and flexibility. It enhances fine and gross motor skills, advances social and intellectual abilities and improves body and spatial awareness creating greater success across an increased range of physical activities.


Gymnastics has been proven to assist in healthy brain development as it promotes whole body activity. This stimulates brain cells and develops a greater ability to achieve greater things. Some of the underlying skills children begin to access and build through gymnastics are:


Gymnastics classes are a great way to educate your child on the mechanics of body movement and ensure the important development of healthy learning patterns.

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Research has proven time and time again that gymnastics gives every participant a greater head start for their future, the following web links have articles about some of the amazing benefits gymnastics can provide: