Best Parking & Entrance Options

As with any inner west area, parking can be problematic! We have, however, developed a list of parking areas to assist all families participating in a class. Please see below for detailed options that will best suit your specific class time:



*Maximum walking time























Our main entrance is located on the Chapel Street side of our venue and the recommended entry for all classes. 


We do, however, have a second entrance from Rich Street; this entry is more functional option for classes after 5:30pm on weekdays and any Saturday class. 


If you are using our Rich Street entrance, DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF THE DRIVEWAY this is shared with another business and is a designated area for pick up and drop off only (see below). Once you have entered the building please use the designated pathway to the viewing area ensuring you or your gymnast do not use any of the equipment on the way.


The following amenities are located closest to:


- Viewing/waiting area and student lockers:Chapel Street entry

- Administration: Rich Street entry

- Toilets:Rich Street entry


Pick up/Drop Off

Our ‘kiss and ride’ areas are ONLY for families dropping or collecting their children. If you are using this option, do not stop for extended periods in the driveway or exit your vehicle at any time. Pull up, drop off and drive away. These areas are located as follows:


Chapel Street: This is the recommended side for pick up and drop off of students. Students can enter the building from the driveway at the roller door of our building (93 Chapel Street)

Rich Street: The Driveway section at the roller door of our building (1/12 Rich Street) is the only area designated for our use. We share this driveway with another business so please ensure you are only using our section of the driveway at any time. 


This is a constant problem source for IWGC with many families choosing not to observe the rules. These areas will be monitored to ensure the safe entry and exit of all our members. Your assistance in following practice is greatly appreciated. 

Parking Map.jpg