IWGC National Levels squads is for gymnasts training to compete in levels 3 to 6. Gymnasts within these levels must train between 5 to 10 hours per week and will represent the club at external competitions both at regional and state level. This squad requires a high level of commitment and is only for gymnasts who have moved through the foundation stream and have been selected to represent at this level. 


The objective of all squads, whether it be in our Kindy or Junior Development, Foundation Levels (1-2) or our National Levels (3-6) competitive training groups, is the development of strong fundamental gymnastics skills, increased strength and flexibility and the progressive introduction to more advanced gymnastics movement for a successful competitive future.



  • Competitive squad in line with Gymnastics Australia levels streams


  • Unique and valuable learning experience


  • Greater level of training commitment


  • Teaches discipline across all aspects of the sport