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  • Introduces more 'mature' learning concepts


  • Develops more advanced gymnastics progressions


  • Large focus on fitness for the future & setting healthy lifestyle patterns


  • Suitable for High School students wanting, fun, fitness and friendship



IWGC's GymFit Youth program is specifically designed for high school students and their stage of both mental and physical development with each class aiming to assist in the development of:

- Fun, Fitness & Friendship: Team work, support and a whole bunch of endorphins. A group environment that leaves all the 'teenager-ness' behind!

- The Feel Goods: Each class teaches goal setting, perseverance and achievement - you leave feeling better than you did when you arrived.

- Long term healthy lifestyle patterns: The busier life gets the harder it can be to include a fitness routine. Start the pattern early enough and hopefully it carries through.

- More Learning Freedom: On top of the weekly structured program, Gymnasts are given the option to work towards a personal skill goal. with their GymFit coach.