• Fitness through gymnastics skills


  • Develop a solid foundation


  • Pay as you go!


​We are pleased to announce our adult classes are back up and running and we are excited for you to join us! GymFit classes cater to absolutely any ability and all fitness levels. If you are wanting to learn specific gymnastics skills or simply just work on your overall fitness and strength in a fun environment – this class is for you!

GymFit is back!!!

IWGC GymFit classes are one and a half hour class for adults who want to get the benefits of the overall body training that gymnastics provides. Our class structure provides training options for total beginners through to the more experienced gymnast with both detailed instruction and open class choices available to every participant. 





*Buy a pack of 10 lessons @ $20 per lesson (classes do not have ben used consecutively) or visit on a casual basis @ $25 per lesson



Ready to get started?

First you need to sign up through "teamapp" (follow the instructions below) and then you can see what classes are on during the week. 

How to get started with Team app?

  • Download "Teamapp" on to your phone OR

  • Visit "innerwestgymnastics.teamapp.com"

  • Sign up and search for "innerwestgymnastics"

  • Join GymFit



Is it required to have a gymnastic background to join the class?

No, the classes have the ability to cater to any ability/fitness level.

Can you join in without signing up through team app?

No, Team App not only allows us to communicate with you but also allows you to communicate with us so that we can maximise the experience for everyone involved..

Do I need any special clothes or equipment?

Just your regular training gear. Shorts, t-shirt, trackies, it can get very cold in winter and very hot in summer so just keep this in mind when making your wardrobe choices!