• Teaches all the ‘cool tricks’ in a fun and safe environment


  • Incorporates essential skills such as goal setting and team building


  • Enhances skills through beginner to advanced Gymnastics movement


  • Progressive program utilising a wide range of gymnastics specific apparatus




Gym Teens classes are a one and a half hour class specifically designed to teach gymnasts intermediate to advanced gymnastic movement in a non competitive environment. Gymnasts within these classes will participate in our end of term grading system, providing each gymnast with a new challenge and personal goal each term and allowing IWGC to place each gymnast in a group best suited to their individual ability.


Gymnasts within this group train on all gymnastics specific equipment including bars, beam, floor and vault and will develop a sound understanding of body movement and spatial awareness to assist with the development of speed and power skills with long term development of flight skills.


These classes will teach children not just to jump, but to fly, safely! They will learn how to tumble, trick and twist under the instruction of experienced, qualified coaches.