• Assists in proprioceptive and vestibular development


  • Develops essential physical, cognitive and social skills


  • Incorporates educational activities to provide a greater head start


  • Provides a safe, fun and nurturing environment for happy, healthy development



One essential aspect of growing up is being prepared for what’s next. IWGC‘s GymTots and GymMini’s programs are a fun, basic gymnastics program for little one’s still learning how it all works! These classes are parent assisted for safety and guidance and are a great bonding experience for you and your tiny gymnast.


Each term focuses on the important fundamental skills that aid in healthy brain and body growth and development. Our weekly classes enhance gross and fine motor skills, muscle activation, spatial awareness, social interaction, personal achievement and cognitive development (and that’s just to name a few!). All of which are taught through the use of equipment and educational resources to assist students in maximising their learning opportunities.

For this age group, we do recommend a trial lesson before booking in. It can be a tricky age working out the things they love the most!