• Builds strong team and leadership skills


  • Utilises whole body movement developing strength, flexibility and coordination

  • Enhances physical endurance and cardio fitness


  • Provides a safe, fun and nurturing environment for happy, healthy development



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Taught by our very own in house cheer coach, IWGC's cheerleading classes encompass all the benefits this unique sport can provide. All students get to participate in a progressive program that utilises all the necessary equipment to develop a solid foundation of cheer elements including dance and acro movements, partner work and flight skills.

If you are looking for a high energy, exciting class come along and check out this one, its a whole lot of colourful fun!









Before you can sign up to any IWGC program you must create a user account through our customer portal. This places all your details into our database (we cannot enrol you without them!) and gives you a login access to your file in our system.

Once your user account has been created you can book in via any of the following options:

User Account (fastest & preferred method): You can make any class booking via the enrolments section of your user account.

Email: With the following details – Child’s Name, D.O.B, Class Type, Class Day, Class Time.

Phone: You can phone the office to book into a class (voice messages will not be accepted as a booking)