Invoices will be issued once your booking has been activated in our system. Your invoice will be delivered by email, unless otherwise requested, and can also be located in the financial section of your customer portal account.


Payment of Fees

IWGC strictly enforce a 'no pay, no play' policy, to avoid any issues please ensure your account is settled prior to your enrolment via one of the following options: 

Direct Deposit: Our bank account details are located on the payment section of your invoice. Please use your invoice # as your reference and remember payments can take up to 48 hours to clear.

Cash: Paid directly to administration and can be paid at the start of your program.

Cheque: Can be mailed or dropped in to our office. Cheques can take three to five business days to clear so leave plenty of time for this option.

Active Kids Vouchers: If you have an active kids voucher please email through your voucher number, your child’s name as written on the voucher and your child’s DOB. We will redeem the value, deduct the amount from your invoice and resend you the invoice with any remaining fees.


It is important to carefully check the details of your invoice and ensure you are aware of our enrolment and fees policies as you have agreed to all terms as part of your enrolment.


Payment Arrangements

We understand that some families prefer to pay their fees as they go. Payment plans require you to pay any membership fees and at least two weeks in advance, the remaining fees can be paid weekly or fortnightly thereafter.


Payment plan forms are available from administration please send your request through to our office and we will forward all relevant documentation.


Late Payments

Unless you are on a payment arrangement, all invoices must be paid in full PRIOR to attending your IWGC program. Overdue payments of more than 28 days will incur a $20 administration fee and your child will not be able to participate in their current program or enrol into a future program until all outstanding fees are settled.


In the event of a long term outstanding debt, any monies owing will be recovered, by any means, with the inclusion of any further late/collection fees. In addition, any attempt to transfer member registration to any other gymnastics club in Australia will be refused until the account is settled in its entirety.


Booking Cancellations

Once your booking has been activated in the IWGC system you are committed to your program. Any program cancellations after this will incur the following penalties taken from the first day of your program:


Term Classes

- More than four days prior to: No penalty

- 3 days prior to*: $25 cancellation fee

- Including and up to one week after: $25 cancellation fee + the cost of 1 class

- Two to four weeks after: $25 cancellation fee + all classes that have run + 100% of your membership fee

- More than four weeks after: 100% of your total fees


*If your enrolment is activated within three days of your class beginning we will waive the cancellation fee if you withdraw your booking. Any cancellation made after your first class will incur the fees as set out there forward. 


Holiday Programs

- More than four days prior to: No penalty

- 3 days prior to*: $15 cancellation fee

- The day of your booking: $25 cancellation fee

- No attendance and no cancellation: 100% of your total fees

No fees are applicable if any class/program is changed to a different day during the same date range.

‘No Show’ Enrolments

Any student who does not respond to IWGC contact, does not withdraw their enrolment or participate in a class will forfeit their position and be charged as per the cancellation rates above.

Illness or Injury

In the case of illness or injury that affects your attendance for an extended portion of the program (4 weeks or more) cancellations will be accepted without penalty upon presentation of a medical certificate. Families will be issued with a credit for the remaining portion of the program and will retain their place for the following date range.

Students affected by an iIlness or injury that involves a short absence (3 weeks or less) can replace any missed classes with a make up lesson (see below).

Make up lessons

Make up lessons are available to all paying students who are unable to attend their regular class. To book in a make up lesson please email through the details of your absence along with any suggested days/dates you can attend and we will book you in to the first available option/s.


Makeup lessons can only be made for the same class type and must be finalised before the end of the current term or they will be forfeited. Refunds and credits do not apply. 


Gymnasts are not entitled to a make up lesson when they have attended a club event or competition during a time when their usual class is held. Gymnasts unable to attend such events, and where no regular classes are held as a result, are entitled to a makeup lesson.


Insurance & Registration

Insurance fees are a compulsory component of all term gymnastics programs and are charged per calendar year (January – December) for all participating gymnasts within Australia. All membership fees are passed on to our state association - Gymnastics NSW - and comprise a number of benefits including Personal Accident Insurance Cover as part of the National Risk Protection Program.


This fee is transferable to any other club within Australia and is non-refundable. Any child beginning their gymnastics lessons in term four of the school year will be charged a pro-rata amount for their annual membership fee.