Emergency Contact Details

IWGC must have access to all current member contact information for emergency purposes. Any change to details must be updated as soon as possible – this can be completed through your customer portal account or via phone or email.


Medical Assistance

It is essential that IWGC staff are aware of any medical, physical or behavioural conditions that your child may experience. We need to ensure a safe and inclusive experience for all our members.


Any child requiring medication (eg. Epipen) must complete a medical management form and discuss any requirements with a supervising coach on the first day of their enrolment. 


In the case of medical emergency it is assumed that parents/guardians authorise IWGC staff to obtain all necessary medical attention at the families expense. If you wish for us to use a specific procedure in relation to emergency care, please contact our office so we can note this on your account.



No matter your cultural background, race, religion, colour, age, gender or relationship preference we all have one smart brain and one loving heart! If, however, you have any specific needs based on any of these elements within your family life never hesitate to discuss these with your coach. We will always work with you to ensure a safe, happy and inclusive experience for all our members.

Correct Clothing 

We don’t have a specific training uniform, however, the following options are recommended:


  • Bare feet or grip socks/gymnastics shoes

  • leotard or crop top and bike pants

  • Shorts/Leggings & Tshirt

  • Long hair tied up - beam can be a bit tricky with hair in the eyes!)


Some things to avoid:


  • loose or baggy clothing – it can get caught and cause injury

  • denim shorts – these restrict gymnast’s movement and can damage equipment

  • jewellery – this can cause injury and damage equipment (small stud earrings are fine)

  • Inappropriate clothing – nothing provocative or obscene


Please also be aware of weather conditions and that children will be on the go – dress cool, pack warm! Summer can get very hot and winter very cold and, unfortunately, our big space is impossible to heat or air condition.


Food and Drinks

While we prefer no food is consumed in the gym, some class start times/durations may require participants to replenish! Any food requirements must be contained to the waiting area and associated rubbish disposed of appropriately. No food or drink is to be taken onto the gym floor at any time.


Children participating in a class are required to bring a refillable water bottle with them. Please ensure all containers are plastic or aluminium as no glass is permitted in the waiting area.


A few prohibited items: Chewing gum, nut products - some members are highly allergic and smoke and alcohol - any person found with an alcoholic or smokers product will be asked to leave the venue.


Waiting Area

Our viewing area is located on the chapel street side of the building. We have seating for parents, shelving for student belongings and a homework area for students and siblings.


The Waiting area is a privilege so please respect the area by keeping it tidy and maintaining safe pathway at all times:


  • Do not stand in the entranceway (gate) to the gym floor, this is an emergency exit and fire safety risk and blocks the pathway for gymnasts needing to enter and exit. 

  • Please do not stand in front of the student shelving as these need to be accessed at all times throughout classes.


Use of Equipment

Students and families are not permitted on the gym floor before or after their enrolled class as you are not covered by insurance. The facility is only permitted for use during set class times under the direction of a qualified staff member. 

Breach of Centre Rules 

Centre rules and expectations of behaviour are established for the safety and enjoyment of all participants. Breaches of these rules may result in you or your child’s exclusion from the program following consultation between centre management and parents (See Parent and Student Codes of Behaviour below).


Lost Property 

IWGC take no responsibility for lost property. Families are advised not to bring any valuable items and ensure all your child’s belongings are labeled. Lost items will be placed in our lost property basket. Items are donated to charity at the end of every term.


Photography and Electronic devices 

For privacy reasons please discuss photography with management before taking photos. Photos and filming of classes is not permitted without prior consent from IWGC management. Mobile phones are NOT PERMITTED on the gym floor and staff have the right to ask you to store it away.