Enrolment Process (Term Classes Only)














1. Class Withdrawal: Non Returning Students

Students wishing to withdraw from their class must inform the office in writing by the following dates. Any withdrawal not received as per the dates below will be automatically reenrolled and invoiced for the full terms fees*



* Please note: while cancellation fees only apply as per our fees policy (below) we request that you send through your notice to withdraw as requested. This allows sufficient time to fill your place and minimises the workload preparing for the next date range. 

2. First Priority Waitlist: Current students wishing to change their booking

Families on our first priority waitlist are students currently participating in an IWGC program who wish to alter their booking (this includes students moving up to the next age group*). These families will be contacted via email and have between the following dates to exclusively change their booking: 


In the likelihood that your requested class is full, you will remain on the waitlist and given priority when a place opens up.


*Students ready to move up will be contacted when the time comes and offered a place in any available class. Students requiring a class option that is full will be added to our first priority waitlist.


3. Class Rollover: Automatic enrolment for all continuing students

All students enrolled into an IWGC term program, excluding trial lesson bookings, wishing to continue with their current booking will be automatically re-enrolled into the following term in the same class, day and timefrom the following dates:



Invoices will now be generated and emailed through. Payment is required prior to the first day of your program and cancellation fees now apply so please ensure you are aware of our fees policy.

4. Second Priority Waitlist: New students who have missed out on a place

Families who have been unsuccessful in gaining a place in a class are added to our general waiting list. These families are contacted via email with all available class option between the dates below:


During this time period places are given on a ‘first in’ basis, it is recommended that all families are aware of our enrolment process (see customer accounts and booking types below) to ensure a fast and efficient booking transaction.


5. Open to the Public: Enrolments are now open to everyone

Our customer portal bookings are now opened and new members will be able to enroll from the following dates:


Enrolment Process - Holiday Fun and Camp Cartwheel

When can I book?

Holiday Fun and Camp Cartwheel bookings must be made every school break (these classes do not have a rollover system) and can be made from the following dates:


The above dates are when we open the programs in our system, if you need to book something in earlier, please email your request through to our office including your Child’s Name, D.O.B, Program Type, Day and Time and we will reserve and book the places once the date range is activated.

Discount Week

Each term we run a week of early bird discounts for all our holiday programs. Book between the dates below and you will receive 10% off your total fees:


4. Second Priority Waitlist


In week nine, all waitlisted families are offered a chance to enrol  on a first in basis.

5. Open to

the Public


All available  places are now opened to the general public on a first in basis.

3. Class



In week eight, all students wishing to continue are automatically re-enrolled 


2. First priority Waitlist


In week seven, all students wishing to change their enrolment are now invited to do so.

1. Class



In week six, current students are given an opportunity to withdraw from their class.