The following timetable is an example of a typical day with IWGC. Each day includes a huge variety of different games, team building and problem solving fun as well as supervised free time and a movie during our breaks.


The main chunk of our day is taken up with gymnastics based activities using all our apparatus – bars, beam, floor and vault. Each participant gets to work on basic to intermediate gymnastics skills such as rolls, handstands and cartwheels as well as apparatus specific moves.




Discovery Time: Our early starters have the whole gym to themselves! While we wait for the day to kick off children participate in supervised free time, games and basic obstacle courses. 

Games, games and more…games: Plenty of fantastic games to get the blood pumping and the fun thumping! A great way to start the day and teach some of the fundamentals needed for all the gym-tastic activities planned for later on.


Stretching & Rules: Of course we need to get our bodies ready for the huge day ahead so a full body stretch is essential. We also use this time to ensure everyone knows the safety rules for the day so every participant has the maximum amount of fun possible. 


Recess & Movie Time: While we eat our morning meal participants will watch the first section of a movie. This provides some much needed downtime after a very busy morning.


Gymnastics Skills: Participants are split into groups to work their way around a number of different apparatus circuits experiencing all the gym has to offer. This is where we learn to roll, swing and fly like a gymnast!


Lunch & Movie Time: Lunch time brings some much needed energy and the last part of our movie while we rest for the last part of our day.


Circuit Skills: After a huge day of fun there’s no better way to finish off with a gigantic obstacle course. Children, or should we say, gymnasts! get the chance to use the skills they have learnt as well as discovering what else their body can do.

Choice: Children who are staying all day now have the choice of some downtime activities including a movie and colouring in. If we still have energy to burn we can also do anything from supervised free time, games and obstacle courses.