• Be a good sport 

  • Play for enjoyment 

  • Strive for personal excellence 

  • Treat all other students and opponents with respect

  • Cooperate with team and game officials 

  • Learn to value honest effort, skilled performance and improvement 



  • Encourage participation by your child 

  • Provide a model of good sportsmanship

  • Be respectful in your communication 

  • Encourage honest effort, skilled performance and loyalty

  • Make any new families feel welcome in any occasion 

  • Adhere to our smoke and alcohol free environment 


Coaches & Club Management

  • Set a good example for all students 

  • Encourage and create opportunities to develop individual skills 

  • Teach your students to be respectful

  • Give all students a chance to participate in every aspect of their class 

  • Remove any student whose conduct is not acceptable 

  • Keep your own knowledge of coaching and the developments of the game up to date 

  • Adhere to the clubs smoke and alcohol free environment 

  • Do not allow yourself to be in a situation where you are alone with a student


Spectators’ Code of Conduct

  • Remember students play for enjoyment, don’t let your conduct detract from their enjoyment 

  • Let game officials conduct events without interference 

  • Support skilled performances and team play with generous applause 

  • Demonstrate respect for opposing players and their supporters 

  • Adhere to our smoke and alcohol free environment 


Administrators’ and Officials’ Code of Conduct 

  • Ensure rules, equipment, training schedules and events are safe and match the needs and skill level of the students involved 

  • Ensure that equal opportunities for participation are available for all students 

  • Involve students in planning, evaluation and decision making 

  • Ensure everyone involved, including parents, understand their responsibilities regarding inclusion and appropriate conduct 

  • Encourage a positive attitude towards children’s sport 

    • Emphasise fun and enjoyment

    • Encourage both teams 

    • Set a good example 

    • Encourage the pursuit of personal excellence 

  • Be consistent, respectful and helpful toward all participants 

  • Remember that students play for enjoyment


Any Parent/Child who is found to be in breach of any code of behaviour will be provided a formal warning. If any behaviour continues they will be asked to leave the club.


If you have any issues or concerns with the conduct of any club member please direct those issues to IWGC’s Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) in an open and considerate manner.