Waiting Area

  • Families must sit quietly while in the waiting area

  • Do not climb on the fence or the chairs

  • All belongings must be placed on the shelves provided

  • Please keep the waiting area tidy and place all rubbish in the bin provided

  • Do not obstruct any safety, entry or exit point

  • Parents are entirely responsible for their children before and after their class



  • Only registered gymnasts are permitted on the gym floor/equipment NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Gymnasts must not enter the gym area before their class begins

  • Students must abide by all gym rules and treat the gym with care and respect

  • Students must respect and value fellow gymnasts, coaches and IWGC staff

  • IWGC coaches reserve the right to discipline students to ensure maximum safety within every class



  • Bare feet or grip socks/gymnastics shoes

  • Leotard or crop top and bike pants or shorts/Leggings/track pants & Tshirt

  • Long hair tied up and out of the eyes

  • No Loose or baggy clothing

  • No Denim shorts, zips or buttons

  • No Jewellery (small stud earrings are fine)

  • No Inappropriate (provocative or obscene ) clothing



  • No food or drink is to be taken onto the gym floor at any time.

  • No chewing gum is permitted in the gym at any time

  • Nut products are prohibited throughout the entire venue - some members are highly allergic

  • Alcohol and smoking products are prohibited throughout the entire venue



  • Parents/Guardians must refrain from using mobile phones whilst on the gym floor

  • No video or still photography without prior consent from IWGC management.



  • Always notify administration of any changes to medical details or emergency contact details

  • Gymnasts who are suspected of having a contagious condition such as the flu, chicken pox, measles, conjunctivitis, head lice etc must not enter the venue – children who arrive to class sick will be asked to leave

  • Gymnasts who arrive with an injury will not be able to participate in their class without medical clearance