Gymnastics is to sport what the alphabet is to reading


As with many sports, Gymnastics is a progressive sport that starts at a grass roots level and requires strong technical foundations from the ground up. To ensure that every one of our gymnasts is being provided with the best head start IWGC has incorporated a quarterly testing system that all our Gym Kids and Gym Teens programs are designed around, with each week delivering a new skill progression towards the testing levels of each group.


So that each participant is being challenged (a 7 year old will generally be more capable than a 5 year old!) each new member is placed on a testing level that will best suit their developmental stage and then follow the testing pathways until they have reached the top level. Children who do reach this milestone then have the opportunity to join one of our more advanced class options dependant on their chosen level of commitment to the sport.

How It Works:

Rainbow Testing System (Gym Kids): All IWGC Gym Kids programs are based around an 8 step testing system that focuses on providing a strong technical base for future skill development:




Skill Set Testing System (GymTeens): As our teens gymnasts are at a higher developmental stage, they require a more developed program. Our teens programs are designed around one set of skills for the term, this provides more time to focus and perfect one advanced movement. (some skills can take many years to master!) An example skill set may look like:

Our testing systems are designed to establish highly developed body mechanics to ensure children are safely and correctly developing their skill base. It provides coaches with an assessment of any strengths and weaknesses allowing them to cater to any specific needs in the future. It also provides children the opportunity to set individual goals and to learn about both failure and success, an incredibly important process for healthy development!


Testing Week: Testing week is held in the second last week of each school term with certificates to be handed out to each gymnast in the last week. Families who are aware they will be absent from their class that week can opt to do a lesson on a different day during testing week or are advised to contact the office so we can organise an earlier time to complete the test. Children who miss their test altogether will not have another opportunity until the following term.