Internal Club Pathways

IWGC has a number of class pathway options developed to support long term participation. Each class is programmed around a specific set of 'stepping stone' skills to ensure every gymnast learns the correct skill technique providing a greater headstart no matter which pathway they take.



Womens Competitive Pathways

All IWGC competitive squads follow the Australian wide levels system with foundation levels providing a personal best award system in club based competition, levels 3-6 beginning the transition to team and individual all round awards at club, Sate and National level and 7-10 individual apparatus and overall champions at state, national and international levels.


Team Gym was introduced at IWGC in 2015 and is a rapidly growing squad group with womens and mixed, beginner and intermediate levels already representing the club. Team Gym is an exciting competition event for teams of  6-12 gymnasts, aged 5 years and over exhibiting gymnastics skills across three different disciplines; Floor, Tumbling and Single Mini Tramp, competing at club, state, national and international level.



Team Gym Pathways

Gymnastics NSW Guidelines



All our programs are also based around the guidelines presented by Gymnastics NSW to ensure that every participant is gaining the most out of every program, every time.