With most IWGC classes running at capacity, all students who are currently enrolled or will be enrolling into an IWGC term program follow our simple four step process as set out below:




1. Class Withdrawal


Towards the end of each term, current students are given an opportunity to withdraw from their class.


2. Class Rollover


All children continuing in their current class are automatically re-enrolled into the following term.



3. Waiting List


All children who

are on our waitlist

are offered any places that have opened up on a first in basis.


4. Public


Any places that have not been filled will now open to the public on a first in basis.






Before you can sign up to any IWGC program you must create a user account through our customer portal. This places all your details into our database (we cannot enrol you without them!) and gives you a login access to your file in our system.

Once your user account has been created you can book in via any of the following options:

User Account (fastest & preferred method): You can make any class booking via the enrolments section of your user account.

Email: With the following details – Child’s Name, D.O.B, Class Type, Class Day, Class Time.

Phone: You can phone the office to book into a class (voice messages will not be accepted as a booking)