Taking gymnastics to the next level




Gymnastics skills are like a puzzle, you need all the pieces for it to be complete. Throughout their time at Camp Cartwheel,  gymnasts are educated about the 'stepping stone' pieces they need to develop the complete skill puzzle!




Technique training


With so much time to break down the specific mechanics of each skill, coaches

have the ability to help

each CC gymnast

understand why, how and when their body needs to move to complete

the perfect technique.



Unlike IWGC's Holiday Fun program which is based around introductory gymnastics, Camp Cartwheel is a three day, intensive gymnastics program for aspiring gymnasts with a focus on skill, strength and flexibility development.


Our goal at Camp Cartwheel is for Gymnasts to leave with a greater understanding of Gymnastics, to be inspired and motivated by what they achieve and to feel encouraged by the experienced and passionate team behind Camp Cartwheel.

Camp Cartwheel is open to all gymnasts, big and small, with a passion for learning gymnastics - the ones that prefer life better upside down! Each action packed day will focus on:



The Gymnast


Skill Progression




With a ratio of 8:1, each CC gymnast will benefit from a large amount of one on one attention from our 

experienced coaches. This means they can focus on individual skill goals and have more time developing them on each apparatus.





Each of our qualified and experienced CC coaches have the knowledge to help everyone be the best they can be - "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" - Maya Angelou













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